Case study

Salesforce shares incredible results after partnering with Relevize

Salesforce's partnership with Relevize has yielded impressive results, as confirmed by Ioana Catalina-Posea, Senior Partner Marketing Specialist, and Stephen Mason, Senior AVP:

  • Salesforce's most successful partner achieved a staggering 77x return on pipeline and a 23x return on close won, showcasing the remarkable outcomes Relevize helped deliver.
  • Relevize provided a scalable solution to enable partners to activate Salesforce content, overcoming a significant challenge faced by Salesforce.
  • The partnership generated a remarkable 10.2x return on investment, underlining the value Relevize brought to both Salesforce and its partners.

In summary, Relevize's partnership with Salesforce has fueled partner marketing effectiveness, scalability, and ROI, positioning Salesforce for continued growth and customer success.

It was hard not to be impressed by the numbers that were generated by our partners.

Stephen Mason
Senior AVP