Case study

Chili Piper Sees 10x ROI with Relevize

Anthony Kapitanski, Director of Channel Partnerships at Chili Piper, sat down with us to discuss how Relevize has become a critical piece of their offering to partners.

In an effort to stay top of mind with partners and drive pipeline, Chili Piper decided to partner with Relevize in early 2022. 

Since signing onto the platform, Chili Piper has seen an annual average of over $200k in closed won revenue, resulting in “a line of partners waiting to sign up.”

Anthony closes with the comment: “I’d certainly recommend Relevize to anyone thinking about scaling their partner programs and driving partner growth. There's no other platform that's able to accomplish what they're able to do and it sets our program apart from the rest of the programs in the industry.”

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Across all of our partners, the average ROI is roughly 10x

Anthony Kapitanski
Director of Channel Partnerships