Why Channel Partners Struggle to Execute Marketing Content

James Degelder
James Degelder

While vendors invest time and resources in creating compelling content, partners can struggle to integrate these assets into their local strategies. The difficulty lies in adapting the content to resonate with their specific audience and market dynamics.

Certain partners can lack the resources or expertise to tailor the material appropriately, risking a disconnect between the intended brand message and the local context. Bridging this gap and empowering channel partners to navigate and personalize vendor-provided marketing content is crucial for successful campaigns.

Reasons for Lack of Execution

  • Competing Priorities with Multiple Vendors: Channel partners find themselves juggling marketing materials from multiple vendors, each vying for their attention and commitment. This competition for partner resources creates a challenge in prioritizing and effectively executing the marketing content provided by each vendor.
  • Limited Marketing Expertise: Many channel partners have sales or service delivery expertise rather than marketing. The lack of in-house marketing knowledge can prevent them from adapting and optimizing vendor-provided content for local relevance, hindering their ability to create impactful campaigns.
  • Overwhelmed by Diverse Marketing Strategies: With various vendors offering different marketing strategies and materials, channel partners can feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to align these diverse approaches with their local market dynamics.

Addressing Partner Execution

To address the lack of partners executing their content, vendors can take a proactive approach to ensure their message reaches their partners’ audience.

They can provide their partners with comprehensive training sessions and resources on how to customize and localize marketing materials. They can offer clear guidelines and templates tailored to different local markets that can help streamline the execution process. Additionally, if vendors have them available, they can provide a dedicated marketing manager to partners who can help share best practices and help with execution.

  • Collaborative Content Planning: Vendors can engage in collaborative content planning sessions with channel partners to better understand their local markets. By working with partners in the content creation process, vendors can co-create materials that are more aligned with their partners’ local marketing strategy.
  • Regular Feedback From Partners: Establishing a system for regular feedback allows channel partners to share insights about the effectiveness of marketing materials in their specific markets. This constant feedback will enable vendors to make timely adjustments, ensuring the content remains relevant and aligned with their goals.
  • Localized Marketing Playbooks: Providing channel partners with localized marketing playbooks, including case studies and success stories from similar markets, serves as a practical guide. These playbooks can offer actionable insights into successful strategies, helping partners navigate the challenges of executing marketing content effectively in their respective regions.

What Relevize can do to help

With the Relevize demand generation platform, the focus shifts to a collaborative and scalable approach. Relevize offers a creative avenue for driving brand awareness through partners by allowing the vendor to execute co-branded paid ad campaigns at scale on their partners’ behalf.

This not only ensures a consistent brand message but also allows partners to focus on their selling or service delivery strengths while providing vendors with immediate visibility into campaign and lead results. The platform's capability to execute campaigns on behalf of partners alleviates the burden of partners trying to customize and execute the marketing on their own.

  • Co-Branded Paid Ad Campaigns at Scale: Relevize simplifies the execution of co-branded paid ad campaigns through channel partners, allowing vendors to scale effortlessly while still maintaining a consistent brand message.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Analytics: The platform provides vendors with immediate insights into campaign and lead results. Real-time tracking enables quick adjustments to optimize performance and align marketing strategies with evolving market dynamics.
  • Ease of Use and Accessibility: Relevize stands out by making the process of driving brand awareness through channel partners easy and accessible. Its user-friendly interface and automated features streamline the execution of paid ad campaigns, making it an ideal solution for vendors looking to empower their partners without requiring extensive marketing expertise.


By leveraging Relevize, vendors can anticipate a paradigm shift in the results they achieve through channel partnerships—stronger relationships, increased quality pipeline, and elevated engagement, ultimately leading to a more robust and successful market presence. If you are looking to enhance your partner marketing program, consider evaluating your current marketing initiatives and explore how Relevize can fit into your GTM strategy.

To learn more about what Relevize can do for your channel program, click here to schedule a time with a representative.

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