Why Are You Ignoring Your Partner Program?

James Degelder
James Degelder

Top executives can hesitate to invest in their partner programs because they lack experience. They feel more comfortable with what is in their wheelhouse and have done before. Partner programs are new territory, requiring different skills and knowledge, which makes them less appealing. Trying something they know little about adds to their reluctance and willingness to invest.

Another reason for their reluctance is that they tend to see channel partners as outsiders rather than part of their company. This view makes them less willing to put resources into programs they don't fully control.

However, they will invest money in the direct side of the business, regardless of whether they see results. They're more comfortable investing in areas they understand, even if those investments don't always pay off immediately. This bias toward what's familiar can lead to neglecting partner programs. Despite potential advantages, the focus remains on direct initiatives, often at the expense of exploring new avenues like partnerships.

Not Willing to Learn

  • Lack of Familiarity: Top executives often hesitate to invest in partner programs due to their lack of experience in managing such initiatives, preferring to stick with projects they know well.
  • Risk Aversion: They may also be wary of the complexities and risks associated with partner programs, as they require significant coordination and alignment of goals, which can be perceived as too risky.
  • Preference for Direct Investments: These leaders tend to prioritize putting money into the direct side of the business, even if results are uncertain, due to their comfort with investing in areas they understand well.

Shake Things Up

Companies that have taken the leap and invested in their partner programs are reaping the rewards. They've discovered that partner programs are not just a side gig, but a powerful tool for mutual growth. By investing in their partners and providing them with the necessary tools and support, these companies have fostered trust and teamwork, setting the stage for steady, sustainable growth.

These open-minded leaders are also getting smart about incentives. Instead of treating partners like outsiders, they bring them into the fold. They're setting up rewards and benefits to encourage everyone to work together toward common goals. By aligning incentives, like boosting revenue and keeping customers happy, they ensure partners are invested in the partnership's success. This approach creates a win-win situation, where both the company and its partners benefit from the collaboration.

They are taking a big-picture approach to marketing and sales. They're focused on more than just their direct teams but also leveraging their channel leaders and partners' strengths. By working together, they're reaching more customers and breaking into new markets. It's all about teaming up to seize opportunities and grow faster.

Plus, if a marketing strategy they try once with partners doesn't work, they continue to work together to find other ways to make it work… they don’t just stop after one try. This dedication to collaboration ensures that they keep moving forward, learning from mistakes, and finding new ways to succeed together.

Partnerships Matter

  • Partner-Centric Focus: Forward-thinking companies prioritize partner programs, investing resources to empower partners for mutual growth.
  • Aligned Goals: They align incentives, fostering collaboration and mutual success among all parties involved.
  • Persistent Collaboration: They continuously work together, adapting strategies and overcoming challenges for sustained success.

Don’t Ignore… Work Together

You can ignore your partner program or avoid it altogether because you're unfamiliar with it, and it seems risky, but why when you have another way to generate revenue for your company?

I know leaders prefer investing where they're comfortable, like focusing on their direct teams, but outside-the-box thinking leaders are changing this. They're supporting partners by investing in them like they would with their own teams.

They help their channel leaders and partners succeed and make sure everyone benefits. They keep working together, learning from mistakes, and growing over time. By teaming up and using tools like Relevize, they show how collaboration leads to success.

Our demand generation platform provides a creative way to drive brand awareness through partners at scale, generating revenue and increasing engagement. Real-time visibility into the results for both the vendor and their partners also provides invaluable insights, allowing both to work together to fine-tune strategies and optimize performance effectively.

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